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On September 27, 2012 by Michelle

Hi all!


To celebrate The Body Shop 36th Anniversary, they are having a 30% off all their Top 10 products! More details on my blog post HERE. Now which are their Top 10 products? Let’s do a quick run-through!


Give your skin the royal treatment. Skin is hydrated for up to 24 hours, looking radiant, plump and silky. Made of three Community Fair Trade ingredients: cocoa butter from Ghana, babassu oil from Brazil and beeswax from Zambia.


A skincare icon that has been with The Body Shop since its humble beginnings, the popular day cream has the lightness of a lotion with the moisturising benefits of a cream. The skin is left protected, soft, smooth and healthy looking. Suitable for all skin types.


For a natural-looking, smooth and even complexion, use this dual purpose powder which leaves a matte velvety finish and moisturises at the same time. Made with Community Fair Trade Marula Nut oil, rich in natural antioxidants.


The Queen of all scrubs. The award winning creamy exfoliator leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and radiant with its skin softening African ximenia oil and Community Fair Trade coca butter.


Powered by active Shiso extract, a type of mint/basil believed to suppress early melanin formation to help fight pigmentation, this light-weight serum provides whitening and hydration for up to 12 hours.


The skin around the eye area is the most delicate and needs special care. This gentle, lightweight cream is specially formulated to hydrate and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, and improve skin’s suppleness. The first Eco-Certified organic skincare range that is gentle for the skin.


Filled with powerful anti-oxidant derived from Camu Camu berry, these gems pack 20 times more Vitamin C than an orange.


A soft, feminine and velvety signature scent of rose and ylang ylang, this cruelty-free musk fragrance has been loved for 31 years and counting.


Keep your skin spot-free and happy with Tea Tree Oil. Packed with natural actives and Community Fair Trade tea tree oil, this super hero keeps bacteria at bay without over-drying skin to give you maximum blemish control. Preservative-free, dermatologically and clinically tested.


Made of 100% synthetic hair, the award-winning and cruelty-free brushes are well-received by make-up professionals.



The Star Entrant:


The newly launched pre-serum is so popular that it is making its way up the top 10 list. Enriched with the latest stem cell technology. Drops of Youth is part of a certified range specially created to battle the first sign of aging. The skin renewal process is enhanced to deliver smoother, fresher and healthier looking skin.

Now all at 30% off! So if you like these items, or would like to try, it is time to get them!



My favourite product:


Have good, clean fun and smooth skin at the same time thanks to this fragrance foaming gel-based scrub that’s gentle enough to use everyday. Dead skin cells are removed in no time, revealing brighter, healthy-looking skin thanks to natural exfoliators. Containing Community Trade organic honey.

This is one of my first body scrubs that I have purchased and I remember it vividly the aroma and the scent right after shower. The fresh, strawberry scent filled up the entire bathroom when I used it. Not only this scrubs away the dead skin cells on my body, this also makes me smell delicious! You have to try this if you like scented body washes or scrubs.




I have entered the ongoing The Body Shop bloggers challenge! The biggest prize of the giveaway is…should I win The Body Shop Blogger’s Challenge (with the most number of valid* comments on this post), you get to win too! 😀

What will you win? 

You stand a chance to win one set of our hamper containing TBS 10 most loved products + 1 star entrant (worth over $400)!

In appreciation of your support, I have included in a mini prize that you will win no matter if I win the blogger’s challenge or not!

Win these three body shower gels!

When I first know about The Body Shop, I remember I was still in primary school purchasing a gift set for my best friend’s birthday. What drew me in was their huge array of shower gels and body care products. Hence, just for my readers, I am giving away these three travel sized body shower gels.


To help me win the blogger challenge,  and winning this set of shower gels, all you have to do is:

1) Like my Facebook Page (Icefrost Beauty Diary) HERE.

2) Like The Body Shop @ SG Facebook Page HERE.

3) State the name of your FB account that you have used to like our FB pages.

4) Answer this question: *Which of the 11 products you love most & why?



That’s all! I would be giving these away via normal postage, so you have to reside in Singapore! Giveaway will end on 30th September (Sunday) 2012 11.59pm!



Thanks for reading and good luck! ~

18 Responses to “Feature + Giveaway: The Body Shop Top 10 Products”

  • Jessica

    Account: Jessica Tan S M

    I absolutely love the Tea Tree oil, bought it when they launched it!! I have really sensitive skin so I was really pleased when I tried it at first cause my skin didn’t have any even more breakouts after using it. What I like about the body shop products are that they do not engage in animal testing, totally support it! 🙂

  • Koh Jess

    Facebook name : Koh Jess

    Which of the 11 products they love most & why?

    NEW! NUTRIGANICS™ DROPS OF YOUTH because it will reveals smoother, fresher and healthier looking skin just apply 2 to 3 drop onto our skin. It is amazing product!!!

  • Jason

    Koh Jun Jie Jason


    A good scrub is needed to clear the old dead skin and prevents body acne.

  • Chamomile

    Fb name: Chamo Mile

    I really like and attracted to Vitamin C Facial Radiance Capsule! 🙂 why? Of course because of powerful anti-oxidant from Camu Camu Berry. Very good for skin. Most important is, Vitamin C Facial Radiance Capsule better than an orange.

  • Michelle Teoh

    FB Account Name: Michelle Teoh Hoon Eng

    X’Mas Gift / Birthday Gift for Family & Friends / Self Use
    1. Oliva Medium Gift Box – For Healthy Skin
    2. Vitamin E Medium Gift Box – Good for Ageing Skin
    3. White Musk Gift Cube – Ocean Feel
    4. Strawberry Mini Gift Cube – Lovely
    5. Shea Body Butter – Smell Good & for Useful for Dry Skin
    6. Tea Tree Oil – For my hubby pimple skin
    7. TBS Face Bush – For my colleague make up set – smooth to brush-Like it!
    8.Cranberry Joy Lip Balm – Lip Moisture & Smell Nice

    • Michelle Teoh

      9. TBS Nail Block – Polish Nail-Bling Bling
      10. Almond Hand & Nail Cream – Moisture & Not Sticky
      11. Almond Nail Shredded Skin Pen -Moisture dry skin surrounding nail

  • Mia Alegrado

    Facebook Name: Mia Alegrado

    Give your skin the royal treatment. Skin is hydrated for up to 24 hours, looking radiant, plump and silky. It’s my usual routine everyday to help maintain my skin and to avoid dry and flaky skin

  • Fiona

    My FB Acc name is Fiona Chan 🙂

    Out of the 11 products, my favorite is the SPA WISDOM™ AFRICA XIMENIA & SALT SCRUB!
    I love to buy this sort of salt scrub, gives me the feeling of having home diy spa 😉
    And i’m always assured by The Body Shop’s products!
    Love the scent, the effect, & the brand!

    Gd luck on the blogger challenge Michelle!
    Thank you 🙂

  • deepali

    i have all steps with facebook name- “deepali gupta” https://www.facebook.com/guptadeepali.agra

    ilove tea tree oil very much because i have using since last 2 month on my acne prone oily skin…. its really work like an miracle .. using its facewash also …. its reallya boon for for any oily acne prone skin.. highly recommended

  • Kristi


    My fb name is Kristi Mackintosh 🙂

    My favourite product would be NUTRIGANICS™ DROPS OF YOUTH. Like you, I first started using Body Shop products and visiting the stores when I was in junior school and I remember being intrigued by all the natural ingredients and ranges. As I got older, I didn’t visit as much but this new Nutriganics range has really attracted my attention again and I’m loving the products! I feel like the serum has helped make my skin smoother and fresh, and love that there are organic ingredients and no parabens or silicones!

  • fb name: Memoiselle
    My fave product: STRAWBERRY BODY POLISH :))
    I tried this before and absolutely in love with it. It smells heavenly and I like the texture. It’s not too rough and it’s good for daily use 🙂

  • Adora Lee

    Fb Account: Honey dots

    Why i love this product:
    I liked the shea body butter as it s a wonderful relief for my dry skin and it absolutely is a must have ladies.

  • Rosie Lim

    FB Name : Rosie Lim

    I love Nutriganics™ Drops of Youth most ! It’s easily absorbed by my skin, and gives youthful radiance since the first application. My skin never looked so refreshed before, it’s a must-have product for me.

  • Saralyn

    My FB account: Saralyn Low

    I love strawberry body polish! 🙂
    It would make me smell so good and would be so beneficial to my skin!

  • Yeong Beng Tan

    My Facebook account: Yeong Beng Tan

    I like WHITE MUSK® EAU DE TOILETTE due to the soft, feminine and velvety signature scent of rose

  • Tan Janette

    Hello Dearie

    Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

    My fb name: Tan Janette (https://www.facebook.com/tan.janette) and I’d say I love the set of Face & Body Brush the most. Why? Simply because mine is shouting for their retirement and I desperate need to find an replacement 🙂


  • Dawn Yee

    FB Name – A. Dawn Yee

    Dear Michelle,
    V clear & concise blog u have here. My fave BS top 10 product will have to be the Vit E Moisture Cream. For the simple fact that a little goes a long way. After using it long term I’ve been complemented on my skin complexion & condition. People always ask me what’s my secret & I’m proud to say its none other than the BS Vit E Moisture Cream….I’ve been using it from my mid twenties till now late thirties. I’m hooked & without it I just feel incomplete….

    Regards & Cheers

  • Sonia

    Facebook name: Zico Sonia Chand

    Hiya all, seriously i wasnt a bodyshop person heard alot abt their products n seen my frenz buying dem…
    But nevertheless i was into bodyshop until my niece recommended mi to e white musk perfume n im in love wit it… Not forgetting e strawberry body polish n now im using quite alot of other stuffs like their shower gels n bodymist n scrub… I simply just love BODYSHOP products n wud highly recommend dem.

    Sonia 🙂

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