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On August 18, 2012 by Michelle

Hi all!


A few weeks back, I had a chance to experience my first Eyebrow Design at Erabelle Prestige courtesy of both Erabelle and Vanity Trove. All my photos were taken on my Iphone and if you read on my blog a week back or so, I lost my phone and hence, everything stored in it are gone!

Luckily, I managed to upload a few pictures on Instagram so here are a few photos that I managed to dig out! Most photos here are from Vanity Trove and Erabelle.

Back in 2004, the owners of Derma-Aesthetics, a successful cosmeceutical company started Erabelle with the vision of creating fuss-free beauty. Drawing from its rich background in the beauty industry, Erabelle pioneered the concept of instant beauty.   While the semi-permanent enhancement technique was already in existence, Erabelle perfected it by customizing enhancements according to face shape and facial features.     With this Instant Beauty technique, Erabelle has since helped thousands of women to unveil their inner goddesses. Through the use of artfully applied semi-permanent make-up, they are truly able to put their best face forward, allowing their confidence to shine.

Modern women juggle multiple roles. With family and career commitments jostling for her time, Erabelle offers a solution to simplify beauty routines, allowing women everywhere to look good with minimal time and effort. Erabelle achieves this through the use of semi-permanent colours to define your eyebrows, eyes and lips. Women emerge from our service with eyebrows that frame their faces perfectly, beautiful eyes that captivate and healthy-looking, luscious lips. And the best thing? Their newfound confidence stays, the day after, the month after and years after…

Classic, timeless and elegant – that is how Erabelle defines beauty. Erabelle seeks to enhance your beauty so that it looks natural, never overly made-up or fake. Discover how subtly defined features can make you look significantly better, without undergoing extreme measures like surgery.

Erabelle Prestige has two outlets, one at Visioncrest and another at Vivocity. What differs these two outlet from the normal Erabelle outlets are interior of the space and extra services.

Their goal is to provide an original and premium face spa experience that will transport you to a luxurious Japanese-style sanctuary of personal attention. They seek to deliver the highest calibre of service and let you enjoy with the best value.

With their core philosophy, Beauty with Luxury, they aim to provide innovative beauty solutions with a holistic touch. You will be made to feel like nobility, indulging in every comfort imaginable.

Walking in to Erabelle Prestige is like stepping into a beautiful Japanese Ryokan with our kimono-clad attendants dedicated to serve you like you were the only guest.

Reminiscent of the textures, colours and scents of Japan – the rooms are designed in various styles of the orient, the walls are adorned with Japanese accents; Kutani ceramics and lacquered ware are displayed throughout the spa, making the atmosphere very restful and meditative.

For all who pass through Erabelle Prestige’s shoji doors, you will be awed by its pure Japanese decor which follows the laws of Zen. We have created a tranquil environment to give you a wonderful sense of balance. Measuring a spacious 3500 square feet, Erabelle Prestige features

  • 5 facial spa rooms (2 couple rooms)
  • 3 VIP garden suites (1 couple suite)
  • Instant beauty studio
  • 2 Sakura design cabins
  • A Special Hydro-Chromo therapy room
  • A spacious retreat lounge
  • A tatami zen room
  • A unique footbath area

Every space is carefully designed to provide you with a sensorial and holistic experience.

I was totally awed by the interior of each and every room. The rooms each have a story to tell and boy, I wish my room is like that! Their services is simply divine, and totally reminded me of the service attitude I enjoyed back in Japan! A real thumbs up for the service and design! Their rooms for the spa is exquisite and I hope I would be back soon to enjoy their spa! Every girl needs some pampering you know?

The refreshments at the intimidate event were delicious! Everything has an whimsical English feel to it, especially the cutlery and the tea cups! Cupcakes were from Twelve cupcakes and it is my first time trying these highly raved cupcakes! They were pretty good, so much so that I had a second serving.

Bloggers had a chance to have their eyebrows made over!

Here, expert beauty artists scrutinize your features and facial proportions. Schooled in the study of facial harmony, they customize and recommend the ideal eyebrow shape, eyeliner style and lip shape and colour. With this technique, square faces can be softened and single-lidded eyes appear bigger and brighter!

Erabelle staffs will take a before and after shot of your brows to make sure that their art has made a difference for your face!

Here is a shot of my brows:

Really loving my brows from the Eyebrow Design. As I have fairly large eyes, my brows has to be thick and lush to balance out my features. My original eye brow are already thick hence, I just need to trim the brows to a perfect shape for my eyes and face. A very slight arch is needed to balance out my slightly squarish face.

If you would like to enjoy Erabelle services like I did, you get to enjoy 50% off their services with a voucher included with all purchases of August  Vanity troves! Unfortunately, August edition troves seem to be sold out!

Fret not! Just for you, lovely readers, you can enjoy 10% off services when you quote “Michelle VanityTrove”!


Erabelle Prestige

103 Penang Road
#01-06 to 11
Visioncrest Commercial
Singapore 238467
t.+65 6836 8388 f.+65 6336 7628
MON – SUN  11.00am – 9.30pm


VanityTrove : http://www.vanitytrove.com/sg

Erabelle prestige : http://www.erabelleprestige.com/



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