Facial Review: Mary Chia Diamond Face Sparkler, Refreshing Eye-scapade and Face and Shoulder Massage

On June 25, 2012 by Michelle

Hi all!


As I was one of Mary Chia’s finalist, each contestants are given a $800 store credit at Mary Chia for us to redeem! So thanks to Mary Chia, I have finally popped my “facial” cherry – doing facial for the first time.

Jurong Point outlet was the one I went to and initially, I wanted to book a slot at Clementi Mall’s outlet. However, due to some issues, I changed to Jurong Point. The Mary Chia Consultant at Jurong Point outlet makes me comfortable as she does not hard-sell like some does. She would still recommend me packages and promotions but does not give me any long faces if I were to reject them. So if you want to try a Mary Chia treatment, I would recommend Jurong Point.

The treatments I chose were:

  1. Diamond Face Sparkler
  2. Refreshing Eye-scapade
  3. Facial
  4. Face and Shoulder Massage

Diamond Face Sparkler

Using natural diamond chips, our special microdermabrasion wand lightly but powerfully removes dead skin cells to reveal a cleaner, softer and smoother texture. Unlike conventional techniques that use particles and chemicals, this safe procedure is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin. Dull skin takes on a stunning radiance as it encourages cell growth and rejuvenation.

My review:

The facial specialist used a machine that kind of resurfaces your skin and suck up all the dead skin.  At the end of the day, the tube that were used to suck up all the dead skin collects all the dead skin onto a cotton ball. I was shown the before and after of the cotton ball and man, the ball turned grey! If you have really oily skin, I think this treatment would really helps in removing all the dead skin. Despite myself doing a chemical exfoliation on alternate days, I think this step is still not sufficient if you want all the dead skin to be removed. If you have sensitive or dry skin, I would say, consult with your facial specialist before trying this in case this treatments dries out your skin. A tip here is to really really moisturize well after this treatment.




Experience a heavenly deep cleansing facial which gently and effectively removes dead skin cells followed by a deep penetrating cream mask which leaves you feeling refreshed and beaming with breathtaking radiance.

My review:

After the diamond peel, I was given a facial with the basic extraction and a mask after. Having seen how facials are dowe in movies etc, it was actually my first time experiencing it! I find it hilarious when they cover my eyes with cotton gauze before piling on the thick layer of mask on my skin. I was wide awake during the facial yet I could not see a thing so all I can do is to kill my brain cells slowly by daydreaming.  The mask felt cooling and it reminded me of the a mint mask that I used to apply when I was in my early teens. I can’t tell if the mask was good but there is one thing I had to say which I am sure all of you would agree on, the extraction hurts! I had quite a few clogged pores on my skin so yes, I was tearing. Luckily, the cotton pads that covered my eyes soak up the tears. Ok, I didn’t tear that much, just kidding!



Refreshing Eye-scapade

A soothing treatment to relieve strained and tired eyes. Combines application of deep penetrating Dead Sea mineral concentrate with state-of-the-art ultrasound massage to improve blood circulation and restore firmness around the eyes.

My review:

I love this treatment! The facial specialist used a warm roll on tool and went around the contours of my eyes. I love the warmth of the tool which was very relaxing. It was followed by a massage around the eyes which I must say I almost fell asleep in. I believe the warmth helps in better penetration of the Dead Sea Mineral Concentrate being used. Did I see any firmness? It’s hard to tell since I am only in my 20s!


Face and Shoulder Massage

For lacklustre complexion due to stress and harsh environmental conditions, a 30-minute deep cleansing facial massage focuses either on relieving stress, skin whitening or firming the face. Continue to indulge in another 70 minutes of nourishing massage, using either pure ginseng or chrysanthemum essence for fairer, beautiful skin.

My review:

The last step, massage! Who doesn’t like a good ol’ massage? The last time I had one was given by a massage chair when I was visiting my uncle’s house eons ago! (All my relatives are in HK so this shows how rarely I visit them.) I admit I was pretty ticklish during the massage and I keep smiling to myself, almost wanted to burst out laughing but luckily I withhold myself – else it would be totally embarrassing.

I apologize for the lack of pictures as I didn’t manage to take the process of the facial since I was lying down on bed. Overall, my skin needed around 5 days of downtime after the facial as it was my first and hence my skin was not used to it. Despite that, with adequate moisture, my skin texture actually improves after the first few days post facial – becoming softer and smoother. So it was all worth it despite having my skin recovering post-facial. My biggest advice is that, choose a treatment meant for your skin type. If you have sensitive skin, try to stay away from harst treatments. Two main things that you have to do after facial – MOISTURIZE and APPLY SUNBLOCK!

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Mary Chia website: HERE

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