Exams Haul + Reviews: Urban Decay, YSL, Clinique, Inglot, Dollywink, Amazing Cosmetics and more!

On June 3, 2011 by Michelle



Firstly, let me explain this haul. I believe many of you face a similar problem as I do and that is retail therapy. Basically I purchased all of these during my examination period, mostly online. As a result, the victims were myself, my room (storage) and my wallet. It does feel satisfying when I purchase them online but upon receiving the products when they reached Singapore, I thought to myself, “Oh lord, what have I done?”

Anyway here is my damage:

Not going to lie, I was OUT OF MY MIND.

 ELF Angled Contour Brush and ELF Powder Brush

I needed a angled brush for my eyeliner, simple as that. The powder brush is a back-up of my existing one as I love it so much. Not a need though but you will never know right? I strongly recommend ELF studio line brushes. Affordable and good!

Real Tecnique angle foundation brush and Core collection set

I am still hunting for a good replacement for my Essence of beauty foundation brush (my HG brush!), and since I love the fact that this Real technique foundation brush is angled, good for the contours of your face, I thought I give it a try. The price is moderate but definitely cheaper than MAC brushes! This Core set, I actually brought it overseas for my HK trip and I love it. They are soft, and easy to wash as these are synthetic brushes. If you are looking for a mid-range priced brushes, go get them and you would not regret!

Yes, I am on a MAKEUP BRUSH BAN now!

Silk Whitia Soy Milk Whitening Mask

I asked my Dad to purchase this from SASA in Hong Kong. I first came across this brand when Fuzkittie on Youtube recommends this. My first impression was that it has a really strong Soy Milk smell! Fortunately, there is no added fragrance or alcohol for this mask so this should be safe for my skin. This is my first face mask (that’s righ!) and hence I am not sure if masks do not stick to your skin well? In my case, the mask keeps drooping down on my face and the fluid is dripping everywhere. After removing the mask, there is still a lot of fluid of my face and it took me a good 5 mins to pat the fluid into my skin until it has been fully absorbed.  As I have only used once so far, I cannot comment on the whitening properties. I love to try other face masks too but most of them contains fragrance or alcohol.

Clinique Dramatically different moisturizing gel

This is a replacement for my finished Clinique moisture surge. Reviews of both would be up soon! I should be focusing on doing more reviews after I got my HK haul post up as I am not expecting any more haul posts soon. I guess? 😛

Amazing Concealer in Golden Fair

This is the bigger size product which I managed to purchase it at a steal from ULTA! There was this promotion going on for a huge tube for USD22 or so when the original price for such size in Singapore is around S$60. That is almost $30 worth of savings. I had a smaller tube with me for a while now and I love it for concealing my dark eye circles as Golden Fair has an orange tint to it. Holding power is good and it blends smoothly.

Urban Decay Primer Potion Professional Tube

The reason why i purchased this was because I did not have an eyeshadow primer for ages. For long, I had been using MAC paintpots which are not primers but more of an eyeshadow base. I thought I should invest in a primer and as I had used UDPP before, this is my 2nd purchase. For those who do not know, now Urban decay primer potion comes in squeeze tubes! Seems like UDPP would be my frequent purchase now since their previous packaging really bugs me.


Urban decay Lip Junkie lip gloss in Peroxide

Another product which I purchased it at an unbelievable price! Again, it was an ULTA promotion and this lipgloss was going for US$10. Even though it was on discount, the price is still moderate. However, whenever a product is on sale, you would be tempted. Well temptation got a hold of me. This lipstick shade is lovely as it is sheer and wearable. Unfortunately, it is a little sticky but not as stick as MAC lipglasses.

Dollywink volumizing mascara

This is the first mascara released by Dollywink and for S$29.90 in Singapore, I was put off by the price. I would never pay so much for a drugstore mascara. Luckily, I managed to get ahold of this at a much lesser price, below $20 if my memory serves me right, from JPmon.com. I have yet to try this but I have seen how this mascara works wonders on others.

YSL rouge volupte in #1

This is a second-hand lipstick which after sterilizing, would be fine for use. The price that I got it for is definitely half of the retail price and since I love cheap deals, nudes, and YSL, this lipstick became mine. I have tried YSL rouge volupte before and they glide on so smoothly, so much so that it has very little holding power. However, I love the fact that it is moisturizing.

Zoya Catlin and OPI Stranger tides

Remember my Zoya Haula while back? One polish that I did not get my hands on for my wishlist was Catlin. I am so glad to have gotten this with the help of Kimberly (ladeekim)! I have to thank Kas (sugarcrumb) for helping me get the OPI Stranger TIdes from the Pirates of the Caribbean collection. As you can tell, I am a huge addict of muted colours for my nails.

Inglot free system eyeshadow pan in DS477

This is my missing eyeshadow from my Inglot purchase HERE. Again, couldn’t praise Inglot eyeshadows enough! Great quality!

 I am also on a NAIL POLISH BAN now!


Swatches of my YSL and Urban decay lip products:

They look like a complimentary pair!

Swatches of Zoya Catlin and OPI Stranger tides:

If I were to pick one, OPI stranger tides as I love green!

Swatches of Inglot DS477:

A nice grass green eyeshadow with some sparkles. Just one swipe!

Alright, that’s my haul and the next haul post would be my HK trip haul. Stay tuned!



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