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On August 9, 2012 by Michelle

Hi all!


A few weeks back, I attended an event called Chic Kiss Love – Fashion Uprising! Well I love everything about this event, except that I lost my phone that day! What a bummer! Left my phone in the toilet cubicle for 5 minutes, and when I went back to find it, poof! Definitely a lesson learnt for me as I did not put a password lock as well. Now, I am waiting for my Singtel contract to end and get a new phone!

Okay digressing here, back to Chic Kiss Love. What is it?

Chic Kiss Love
A collective of the top online fashion retailers in Singapore.

Chic Kiss Love aims to form a fashion collective that promises quality and affordability as well as strong aesthetics. We select labels which have met our standards of excellence based on quality, customer service and aesthetics.

With Chic Kiss Love, we aim to bring together these labels that have emerged at the forefront of the local online shopping phenomenon, and have established themselves as favourites among online shoppers. As a customer, you can constantly expect a memorable and satisfying shopping experience when purchasing from these labels.

The event was held at Zouk in the morning/afternoon, all the way to night. Shoppers get to hunt for the latest fashions at affordable prices and experience their favourite online labels up close and personal. Beyond that, there was the longest fashion runway in Singapore which spreads across Zouk!

Shhhhh…this is my first time at Zouk! Let’s keep it a secret.

The 12 labels are:

The online shopping world is well saturated with the ubiquitous blogshops in addition to the all-encom- passing multi-label stores poised to take out the competition. In response to such a situation, 12 of the better-known shops in Singapore have come together under Chic Kiss Love, a collective fashion house consisting labels which have taken root in the hearts of the locals and established a critical fol- lowing of their own.

This is no flea market as Chic Kiss Love is enforcing the store concept in spite of the open area within the nightspot. Customers can expect proper changing rooms and display racks.

The changing room is really fantastic, very different from the usual online purchasing.  Now you can feel and see the actual fit on your body before buying!

Providing loyal fans and new customers with a rare chance to touch, feel and try the garments, the label owners are not ones to shy away from the reality that is offline shopping. Confidence in their apparel and brand reputation are just two of the many factors that contribute to their eagerness to show at this event and meet you offline.

(pic credit to Chic Kiss Love FB page)

A shopping carnival is not complete without a runway show and an uprising needs something revolutionary to make it an uprising. Chic Kiss Love therefore presents the Runway Revolution, spanning an approximated 650 metres. To date, this will be the longest runway in Singapore, winding through the entire Zouk arena. Models will be engaged by the label owners and are likely to be the familiar faces that fans and online shoppers see on the websites.

Guests, who made purchases at the event were also treated to a free makeover by Maybelline, at their booths situated on the second floor in the Zouk dance room.

That’s me!

There was also an interactive map available on our phones that shows the layout of all the shops and occasionally some flash sale by a few brands!

Golden ticket holders get to have a bunch of vouchers that could be enjoyed on the day of the event!

I scored three dresses, one of which is an unreleased design, for only $48! Do the math, it is only $16 per piece! I would be showing my purchases in LOTDs soon!

I also had a chance to sip The Love Potion specially concocted by Zouk.

The girls – Joanna, Rusty and Kimberley!

Had a great time! If not for my phone, I would be having a blast!



Yes! Chic Kiss Love would be holding a similar event in December and I will definitely be heading down then! Probably with a handphone strap around my neck though.

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