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On July 28, 2012 by Michelle

Hi everyone!



Skinbiotics is a brand new supplement in the market and what makes them unique is that the supplement is all natural! That’s what sold me – all natural. I wouldn’t want to pop too much pills into my system daily be it vitamins or supplements if they are not all natural! Well my thinking might not be accurate because as long as we do not over-consume beyond a certain level, it should be safe. Still, my native self still think that means good aye?

Skinbiotics is a revolutionary nutri-beauty system that is personalised for the needs of individual skin conditions.

Scientifically formulated and clinically tested, SkinBiotics targets the areas of skin beauty where topical creams and lotions cannot reach, working from deep within the dermal layers of the skin to target skin aging problems where they begin.

As a leading brand in nutricosmetics, Skinbiotics’ range of products are recognized for its effectiveness and excellence not only by consumers but also by scientists, aestheticians and dermatologists around the world for providing anti-aging and beauty benefits from the inside out. Our science based formulas and pharmaceutical grade nutritional ingredients support the function and structure of the skin from the cellular levels resulting in younger, smoother, brighter looking skin.

Skinbiotics claims that it provide a wide band UV protection which means that we are having an internal sunblock system. How cool is that? Nevertheless, I feel that we should still invest in applying sunblock in the day and I still believe in using antioxidant creams on the face to remove the free radicals. I would say Skinbiotics is a supplement – a skin booster for anyone’s skincare regime. We shouldn’t slack on our current regime and only rely on Skinbiotics. We probably need both to achieve the best results.

The before and after pictures look shocking! Let’s hope those are not the works of photoshop! Well, Yi Jing (vainpot94) explained to me that there wouldn’t be any photoshop because the freckles on these ladies are still fairly visible!

As you can see above, there are 3 different series of Skinbiotics catering to different skin types. Now, even though we all dont have say oily skin, does that mean that 01 is not for you? I asked Dr. David Tan, who was at the pre-launch party to explained that even for dry skin, like mine, we can still consume 01 because 01 regenerates natural collagen and skin cells which basically anybody with any skin type wants.

Well enough with all the scientic facts and what-not, if you would like to know more about Skinbiotics, please click HERE for their Notes section at their Facebook page. I find it useful. I am as clueless as you are regarding all the scientic research.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me and I will contact Dr. Tan or the PR company.

This is REACTIV 02 AGE Defenze And Renewal, which is suitable for my mum and I am letting her try! She is pretty cynical towards these kind of supplements. So let’s hope this changes her mind!

One9ninety, the PR company, was kind enough to offer us bloggers to try Skinbiotics! The box above is for our mums and we are also given two boxes of This is REACTIV 01 Skin Lightening and Regeneration, as well for us to try! I have been eating it for about a week now. Reviews will be up when I have finished my 2 – 4 weeks of the pills

Do you know?

Fann Wong is the ambassador of Skinbiotics!

Here is her commercial! Her skin is really glowing! *maybe the makeup artist piled on a lot of highlighters ~.~*


Now back to the Pre-launch party! Thanks to one9ninety again, I get to enjoy a yacht trip for the first time! Just a warning – it is pictures-heavy!

At Sentosa Cove.

Can I live here please?

Perfect weather for yacht-ing!

I wish I can own this to myself one day.

Richard, the captain of our yacht.

And we set sail!

But U-turned because we forgot about our food on the shore…

And off we go again!

Finally out to the sea.

Marina bay! See the MBS and Singapore Flyer?

Island. Okay, I don’t know what island that is.

Snoopy? Schnauzer? Cartoon dragon?


No idea what island that is.

Maybe it is the Sister’s island? Shows that I am not paying attention during the trip.

Kusu island! Now this I know.

St. John island – pretty obvious right?

We anchored in the middle of the sea near St. John island, waiting for the sun to set.

The sun is still up.

And setting…

Jets practicing for the National Day Parade.

And doing stunts.

Still setting.

And setting…

Singapore flag!

Next to the setting sun…

Dr. David Tan of David Tan Medical Aesthetics introducing to us about Skinbiotics.

Until he was disrupted by flying jets again.

And the setting sun!  Okay, it is more like me not paying enough attention to him, and only focusing on the sun.

Like as if I have not seen a sun before.

Annette is the name of the yacht.

Having BBQ food from BBQ Food Wholesale while Dr. Tan is explaining his slides to use about Skinbiotics. Their salmon is delicious!

He doesn’t look like he is in his 40s right?

City lights.

And we saw this sleek “mafia” yacht too!


Review of Skinbiotics REACTIV 01:

It has been around 1 month consuming this skin supplement.

While I do not see adverse changes in my skin condition or my skin lightness, I seem to have more of a slight glow. Everyone keep saying that I have perfect skin. Perhaps it could be due to my foundation or it could be the radiance of my skin?

I don’t see any improvement in fine lines since I am young and regarding the 7x improvement of UV protection, I have to give it a benefit of doubt since I cannot tell with my naked eye.

To be honest, reviewing a skin supplement is really inaccurate because these few days, I have been harsh to my body. Late night sleeps and junk food, which are detrimental to my skin. Even with the help of skin supplements, you skin won’t be at its best. Like what the Dr. David explained to us bloggers, keeping the diet healthy is the key. Supplements are well, just supplements.

Another con is that these pills are pretty huge. I can usually pop 5-6 pills at one go, but even for these pills, I can only take a maximum 2 at one go. Hopefully, Skinbiotics will consider to downsize the pill or at least change the shape of the pill for easy swallowing.

If you lead a healthy lifestyle and would love to have your skin reach its peak, I would recommend this skin supplement. I am liking the soft radiance that this supplement has given me!

Skinbiotics 01 and 02 are available at Watsons for $148.


Thanks for reading ~


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