Event: Maybelline Lashionista – An Arresting Lash Revolution at Zouk

On August 26, 2012 by Michelle



Recognized this sign?

That’s Zouk!

It was my third time at Zouk and this time, I was there for the Maybelline Event! The crowd was insane as the queue snaked all the way from the entrance to the end of Jiak Kim Street. Now I understand why this is one event not to be missed. Maybelline does hold one hell of a party!

The invitation to the event is just so well-thought and creative.

Love love love the chandelier!

Just look at the insane crowd. I was so relieved to be sharing a little corner with the rest of the bloggers near the stage.

The show first started with Rosalyn Lee!

Look at her shoes man, that’s a show-stopper!

As Maybelline collaborated with some of the big blogshop names, we were treated to a little fashion show!

Soon after, Golden Tan a.k.a Michelle Chia came out for a little tutorial using the new Maybelline Lashionista, the star product of this event!

And the fashion show continues!

Look at the futuristic look on the model using Maybelline cosmetics!

It’s not a club without some dancing!

The Maybelline team ended the show with a big bang – ROCK HARD ABS!

LOL, it was a great party. Thanks to Maybelline for putting up such a good show! I urge you to join their new event, if they ever have a show again at Zouk.



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