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On September 27, 2012 by Michelle


Early this month on 5th September, I joined Laneige Makeup Atelier Session thanks to Adele! This is my first time trying Laneige products and this brand is huge in Korea!

As a workshop, we were told to begin from scratch with our bare face. Like any makeup routine, we started off with skincare first.

WATER BANK ESSENCE *Bestseller    

Long-lasting moisture essence with Water Pump System to promote moisture circulation, leaving skin moisturized and smooth for all skin types.


  • Specially patented ingredients, HyperAqua L and Aqu’ative, for excellent hydration and long-lasting moisturisation in dry environments.
  • Seamollient extracts to strengthen moisture synthesis, firm and smooth skin texture.
  • Incorporates key extracts to promote skin cell turnover.


Retailing at all Laneige counters island-wide at $65.

 After Essence, we applied the emulsion. Emulsion is usually applied before moisturizers.

Next, we have the water bank gel cream.

Despite seeing both the terms gel and cream, this is more of a gel than a cream.

 Suitable for oily skin types.


Gel-type eye cream for moisturized and revitalized eye area to relieve puffiness and reduce dark eye circles.


  • Specially patented ingredients, HyperAqua L and Aqu’ative, for excellent hydration and long-lasting moisturisation in dry environments.
  • Ginkgo leaf extracts that promote blood circulation and prevent damage caused by free radicals in cells to reduce dark circles and to revitalize the eye area
  • Calendula extracts that have been used to heal skin infections and relieve irritation for supple relief of sensitive eye area. Also used as medicine for skin disease and pain, and for acne care

To reap the best benefit of the eye cream, you need to massage it into your eyes.


Retailing at all Laneige counters island-wide at $49.



A moisturizing mineral mist that instantly resets dry and fatigued skin with refreshing micro moisture, energizes the skin with stimulating scent, and purifies the skin to remove the protein dust that causes aging in the cell.


  • Optimal Mineral Water developed by formulating minerals helpful for retaining moisture in a certain ratio, instantly moisturizes the skin and promotes skin regeneration to create skin conditions that do not lose moisture easily
  • Anti-oxidizing effect to suppress inflammation and increase enforcement of skin tissue, while revitalizing the purifying filter inside skin to discharge protein residues accumulated by external aggressors.
  • Note: Skin aging causes accumulation of protein dust in the cell. If the protein dusts keep accumulating in the skin cell, the skin would get darker and darker. Protein dust gets accumulated in the skin cell as people aged because proteasome ,which cleans the cell dust, gets weak and cannot unction as much as young cell does.
  • Organic lemon verbena extracts soothe the fatigued and damaged by UV rays, pollution and dryness


Retailing at all Laneige counters island-wide at $35 for 120ml.

The final step is water sleeping pack – their iconic best seller! With this, you would need 5-10 mintues to sink in before applying your foundation.

So here is the whole range! I must say, the whole routine can be quite tedious. I think the sleeping pack can be used at night, instead of using it before applying foundation since it takes time to set in. The skin mist can be used when you want to touch up etc.

After skincare, we proceeded to foundation!

This foundation compact is called Snow BB Soothing Cushion. Unlike the normal squeeze tube packaging, this BB cream is stored in a compact cushion / sponge. Cute right?

This is a new-concept Cushion BB for Whitening + Sunscreen + Sweat-proof + Soothing + Makeup Effects.

If using a standard foundation brush, dont press your brush flat against this sponge as it won’t pick up any product at all. Instead, I have to press the tip downards to pick up the product.  With this cushion, a buffer foundation brush might be a better option than a standard flat foundation brush.

Left: With BB Cushion Right: Bare skin

You can tell that with the BB cushion on, the left side of my face is brighter and more radiant.

However, the coverage you get from this BB cushion is minimal. As you can see on my zit here, I tried to cover it with the BB cushion and after:

You can still see the redness of the zit peeking through. This BB cushion is best if you want light coverage. Great for days when your skin is well-behaved, and when you want the radiant skin.

Good thing is that this compact is very portable.

To set the foundation, we used Water Supreme Finishing Pact SPF25 PA++.  A clear finishing pact that applies smoothly and evenly for moisture-enriched skin.

Below is the brushes we made use of during the workshop. Just these few brushes for the whole face! This is the travel brush set by Laneige, and I find it really handy when you are travelling or even when you are on the go!

My favourite is the powder / blush brush. It’s soft!

Comparing the travel brush to my hand.

After our base is done, its time for eye makeup, using their multi professional makeup palette!

I used a shimmery raspberry color from another palette and contoured my crease with a brown from the above palette. As there was no eyeshadow brush in the travel brush set, only a concealer-like brush, we had to made use of that. Honestly, blending with it is very difficult since it is fairly stiff.

Guess my crease would look much better if blended out.

My eye makeup is not complete without some eyeliner! This is my first time trying a twist pen eyeliner  -Laneige natural eyeliner.

Brush-type liquid eyeliner in vivid Real Black shade, for easy drawing of thin and clean eyeline. In long-lasting no-smudge formula that lasts all day.

This is pretty jet black, but the problem with this twist function is that, if you twisted to many times, the product will flow out like nobody’s business. To make it worse, the eyeliner flowed out while I was drawing the eyeliner on my outer corners! In the end, it flooded my entire eye with black ink. Eeeks. So unhealthy for my eye. Good thing there was no stinging effect else I would die right there man.

Final look:

This look might look better with falsies.


In Korea, naturally flawless and radiant skin is the biggest trend!

The pretty ladies at my table +  the host in blue!

Juliana, the makeup artist and me.



Thanks for reading ~


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