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On August 29, 2012 by Michelle

Hi all!


A big thanks to SkincareDB for arranging and planning the La Mer workshop! I was honored to get to attend a La Mer workshop with a few bloggers last saturday! La Mer is one of the biggest names in the skincare market and to be able to attend their workshop for a new launch is unbelievable!

We were all greeted with a big green bag and the iconic name as we arrived at 2HR, Estee Lauder Singapore’s headquarter.

The ladies (Shenme and Cecilia) from La Mer treated us really well!

This year, La Mer is launching a 5th texture, the soft cream, in addition to their oh-so-famous Creme De Le Mer.

This post is to cover what had happened at the event. More information regarding this newly launched cream would be detailedly reviewed in another post!

La Mer only focused on skincare and as you can see, their skincare range is impressive!


This workshop would not be happening without the founders (Seow Wee and Marie) of SkincareDB, a new portal online for ladies to check the reviews on products from prestigious brands.

Marie, co-founder of SkincareDB introducing her new company to us!

As the presentation continues, we were explained on how La Mer came about. I am sure most of you do not know the story behind this brand, so here is a little story telling time!

Dr. Max Huber

” The story of the Miracle Broth™ and the legendary Crème de la Mer is one of hope and perseverance, meticulous science and the curative powers of the sea. It is a story of daily transformation and profound healing that begins with an accident and ends with a miracle. Half a century ago, aerospace physicist Dr. Max Huber suffered burns in a laboratory accident. Neither medicine nor science offered the benefits Dr. Huber sought, and he began a personal quest to transform the look of his skin. 12 years passed. 6,000 experiments were conducted. Finally, he perfected the precious, nurturing Miracle Broth™, which he incorporated into the very first La Mer formula, Crème de la Mer. ”

“Dr. Huber combined sea kelp with the simplest and purest ingredients – calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, and lecithin, Vitamins C, E and B12, along with oils of citrus, eucalyptus, wheat germ, alfalfa and sunflower. As a physicist, Dr. Huber understood how energy can transform physical matter and applied his background as a scientist into a process that would empower these simple ingredients to become a whole greater than the sum of its parts. He developed a unique three to four month biofermentation process that used light and sound to slowly transform the ingredients. The result was the nutrient-rich, precious Miracle Broth™ which lies at the heart of La Mer. ”

We get to try all the 5 different textures and find the best for our skin type. If you were to visit La Mer counters, this is how they display their creams for the customers to try.

Want to know which texture I prefer and my little review? Wait for my next post!

To make the session more interactive, we bloggers were given a little hands-on session! Making our own enzyme. Why enzyme? This is related to the energy that our skin needs, as explained above. Like a battery, the enzymes help to power up our skin so that it can regenerate and keep the skin alive.

These apple enzymes can be achieved from fermentation, which is how the Miracle Broth (main ingredient in La Mer products) is being produced.

By layering apples, raw sugar and lemon, and leaving it to fermentate for 1 month, our apple enzymes are formed! These enzymes (the juices left in the bottle after 1 month) can be consumed with a cup of warm water and this helps in removing toxic in our body and induces slimming!

Ta da! Now i just have to leave this jar in a cool place for one month. Such a fun activity!

We made our way to the Estee Lauder pantry to wash our hands after our little enzyme making session and look at this pantry! Who doesn’t want to work in Estee Lauder? This pantry has even been featured in a newspaper as one of the best company pantry area! Um…Estee Lauder, if you are hiring please let me know!

Even their coffee machine makes cute little Panda coffees! Doesn’t it look like a panda? Or perhaps a Ninja Turtle?

Here is a group photo and me with Vivian (vivianism.wordpress.com) and Jasmine (owner of Black Market at Orchard Central).



La Mer is having a workshop in September for their new Soft Cream! The ticket is $80 per pax but is fully redeemable for products! If you want to invest in skincare, La Mer is one of the brands to go to!


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