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On November 28, 2012 by Michelle

Hey all!


I was recently invited by Camy from Vanity Trove to learn more about this brand Decleor from Paris.

DECLÉOR is the world’s largest cosmetic Aromatherapy brand. Through its exacting requirements, the quality of its products & treatments and its accessibility, DECLÉOR has united women of all ages from all backgrounds who want a holistic approach to beauty based on natural ingredients.

I had my skin anaylzed using their machine and one key factor that emphasize is on hydration, regardless of your age. Without hydration, new skin cells cannot be renewed at a fast rate. Fine lines are also more prominent. I have always known my skin is dehydrated but even with a pile load of moisturizers, my skin is never hydrated enough.

Through a magnified shot of my face (yuck, i know), my pores are also fairly clogged. The beauty advisor suggested that I try out a facial scrub to remove the clogged pores. When I explained to her my usage of my Clarisonic to her, she recommend that I should not use that often as over-exfoliation might damage our skin cells in the end. Hence, from this little consultation, I have heeded her advice and am now only using the Clarisonic three times per week, instead of every night.

Their star products are their essential oil – serum.  Their products are all natural! Paraben-free, preservatives free and what nots.

We have a Decleor trainer all the way from Paris!

Here she is showing us how to use their star product – AROMESSENCE™ NÉROLI.

This serum of Neroli, Sandalwood, Petitgrain, Sage, Parsley and Juniper Berry Essential Oils, with a fine and silky texture, is specially formulated for the care of skin exposed to daily stress.

A 100% pure and natural concentrate, it softens and helps to relax the skin, restores the complexion’s natural radiance and acts like a true effectiveness booster for your HYDRA-FLORAL ANTI-POLLUTION day cream.

All we need are 3 drops from the bottle per application.

We rub it into our palms to warm the oil up and then we proceed to apply it onto our skin using the following steps. These steps are highly advised if you are stressed or just want to relax.

1) Take a deep breath of the essence on your palms.

2) Pat the essence all around your face before you proceed to do the pressure points.

3) Press your two thumbs on your nose bridge. Press it hard and let go slowly.

4) Press onto the middle of your brows.

5) Press on your brow bone area.

6) Press on your eye area (where your bone ends before the eye socket).

7) Press onto your cheek bones.

8) Press on the side of your face.

And you are done! This step only requires 5 minutes of your time!

After applying te serum, we are to moisturize and treat as normal.


More than an exfoliation, a true radiance revealing treatment! Enhanced with Echium Oil, a source of Omega 3, 6 and 9, and Essential oils of Saro and Elemi to activate the cutaneous micro-circulation, this exfoliation provides essential nutrients for skin that is radiant with health.

Its 3 types of natural exfoliating particles act to:
– gently eliminate dead skin cells (Egyptian Luffa fibres)
– revive the complexion’s radiance (Madagascan Cardamom Seeds)
– leave the skin feeling soft and silky (Jojoba beads)

This is their newly launched DOUBLE RADIANCE CREAM.

Radiant skin is healthy skin. Formulation features: DECLÉOR together combined radiance-activating Essential Oils of Élémi and Saro with a natural defenceboosting Prebiotic of plant origin, to act on the 4 key factors contributing to radiance:

Instant radiance:
1. Micro-circulation activator (Essential oil of Élémi)
2. Light reflector (Soft focus pigments)

Lasting radiance:
3. Natural defence booster (Essential Oil of Saro, plant-based Prebiotic, Vegetal oil rich in Omega 3, 6 and 9)
4. Pollution protector (Moringa Oleifera microproteins)

“Experts in aromatherapy, expect only the best in scientific expertise in distillations of the nature’s beauty treats. Indulge in the lush pampering with the comforting and healing scent of florals at this spa.

Decleor’s Aromatic facial gives you: – LUXE PAMPERING within iconic Raffles Hotel – PREMIUM EXFOLIATION PROCESS to cleanse and scrub away accumulated dead cells and dirt – AROMATIC PRESSURE POINT facial massage that helps with drainage – WHOLESOME FACIAL TREATMENT with moisturizing and sunblock protection after.” – Victoria from Vanity Trove

Decleor Institut

Raffles Hotel Arcade #02-26
Singapore 188719
Tel: 63340833



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