DIY: Wax Seals on Wedding Invitation Cards and Where to Get Them

On September 28, 2017 by Michelle

Hi all!


Wax seals add a personal touch to your letters as different stamps turns out differently. Some wax seals are even customizable with your name, and initials. My wedding card is a tri-fold, so to keep the folds in place, we were given a sticker. So we thought, why not make our cards more special?

“The use of seals can be traced all the way back to the world’s first civilizations, and have been found from Mesopotamia to the Indus Valley.”

Because my fiance and I are history lovers, this wax seal would be meaningful.

We first bought the wax seals from China, since it is cheaper to get it from there. Over the weekend, we were quite productive in wedding preparation, and finished some sealing for our invitation cards for our relatives.

I was first inspired by some videos on Instagram where I saw how letters were sealed with a customized wax stamp. Here are a few instagram accounts I follow:

It was pretty fun to do the standings but the process is quite long! For each card, I take about 5 minutes to finish. Initially, I use a lighter to heat up the wax, which means that I have to press the lighter manually. It tires my hand out. I then switched to lighting a tealight candle instead which is much more fuss free.
Stamping 10 cards actually took me an hour so it would definitely take a lot of patience for this art.

First stamp is for my friends.

2nd stamp is for my office, boss and relatives which shows our chinese heritage.

As you can see, I used gold pigments on the embossed words so that it could pop out from the red wax seal. Some artists actually used gold sharpie but I personally prefer using pigments. By pigments, I meant by gold eyeshadow!

For those who are starting out at wax sealing like I am, you can refer to these shops from Taobao to get your supplies.

Click here if you are customizing with your name or itnitials.

Click here if you want a vintage seal of the alphabet.

Click here if you are looking at customizing your own logo.


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