DIY Calligraphy wooden board tutorial for Pinterest worthy wedding

On November 19, 2017 by Michelle
Hi everyone!

Here is a step by step tutorial on how to do your own calligraphy wooden planks for your album tables or reception table for your wedding.

 What you need: 

1) Wooden planks
2) Wood stains
3) Brush for applying the stains
4) Chalk
5) Clips
6) Acrylic markers

First, measure the size of your wooden plank and go to your desktop to download your favourite calligraphy fonts.

I did my quotes on Photoshop just to see the effect with a wood background but you can do it easily just on Microsoft words.

Here is my favourite Font website where you can even preview your texts with the huge database of font types that they have.

Here is their link:

Once you have decided on your quote and positioned the words on Microsoft words, print it out (making sure it is true to size).

Get a piece of white chalk and flip the paper over. What you want to do now is to rub the chalk on to where the words would be.

It doesn’t have to be neat.

After which, flip the paper back. Clip the paper to the board to prevent it from moving around.

You can now use pencil or any pen to draw over the words. Ensure that you don’t draw out of line but if you do, not to worry, what we are doing here is to trace out the outline of the words so that the tracing will deposit the chalk onto the board to give us an outline of the font.

So it should end up looking like this! Making it easy for us now to use acrylic paint to paint over since I have no experience in doing actual calligraphy.

Another example.

Now get your acrylic marker and outline those chalk outlines in case they rub off. And then fill it in! As simple as that!

Tada! Done!

These are the markers I used FYI! Got them from Popular and Art Friend.



Hope this is useful ~

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