Depotting Milani eyeshadows

On May 18, 2010 by Michelle

I am in a process of depotting all my eyeshadows and putting them into a mac palette for convenience. These Milani eyeshadows were purchased from Kimberley‘s nyx spree ages ago. Since then, my poor single eyeshadows are neglected as I reach for palettes the most. Does any of you have this problem? As such, I have decided to embark on my adventure of depotting e/s singles, one step at a time. I still have other eye shadows such as MAC or MUA to depot. Haha.

On the left, we have Storm and on the right, we have Golden Bronze. Reason why I purchased these was not only because they were on sale, but they were cheaper dupes of Mac’s black tied and satin taupe respectively. Unfortunately, I dont have the actual e/s for comparison. Below are swatches for you to see and compare if you have those Mac e/s!

Left: Storm, Right: Golden bronze

They are fairly pigmented and smooth (: I would like to get my hands on more milani e/s one day. Sadly there are not available here in Singapore despite John little having Milani counters. I heard that these single e/s are discountinued. Is it true?

Okay, lets get on with the depotting! Depotting Milani eyeshadows are so much more easier than depotting Mac e/s. Firstly, flip the e/s upside down and you will spot a hole at the bottom.

Next, just use a sharp object to poke the hole in order for the e/s to be pushed out. Please be careful and dont poke yourself!

The e/s should pop out easily with some glue at the pan. Dont clean the glue away, you can always stick the label on the bottom of the pan. Its that simple!

Tada! Fuss free!!!

Now all you have to do is to pop the eyeshadows into your palette (:

And what to do with those plastic containers? Recycle them of course!

Hope you find this post useful 😀

My next few depotting entries should be for Mac eyeshadows and then time to B2M!

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