Depotting L’Oreal and Ed pinaub quads

On November 15, 2010 by Michelle


Yes, I am still in the phase of depotting my eyeshadows. I keep delaying packing my new Muji drawers. They are still in a mess and hence, no pictures yet. After another round of depotting (of UD, NYX eyeshadows etc) and packing of my items, I should be able to present to you my new makeup storage area (:

Here, I am just going to briefly show you how to depot my LOreal quads. If you have these quads too, you can do the same. I am using the quads from the Open Eyes Chrome Intensity collection.

What you need to do is really simple. All you need is a pair of pen knife (Kids, don’t try this at home.) and push the knife in between the gap of the plastic packaging and the eyeshadow pan. Now just pry the eyeshadow pan out and it’s done! Not much effort is needed as the glue used in this quad is fairly weak.

As per usual, place magnetic strips on the base of the pans so that you can store them in your palettes. Here are 2 of my depotted L’Oreal quads (8 eyeshadows) in my Mac palette.

I tried depotting my Ed Pinaub quads too but I was unsuccessful because I misplaced my rubbing alcohol which is a very good helper in depotting eyeshadows. I was already half-way through the depotting process but have to end up giving up.

Oh yes, every luxury brand would make their plastic packaging feel more luxurious by placing a heavy metal plate discretely in the packaging. Guess I have mention this before in my Gulerlain depotting post right?

Back to my eyeshadows…I tried many times to pry the eyeshadow pans out but to no avail. As a result of desperation… please do not follow me. I am quite rough 😛 I shall try again when I find my rubbing alcohol. The burning method will never be my option because I refuse to breath in any toxic fumes. Unless, you have a mask for me? (:


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