Confession: My MUA Story…so far

On April 13, 2012 by Michelle

Hey everyone!


I have probably not announced before on my blog, but here we go…

I am currently a freelance make up artist. Reason for not announcing earlier was because I was only starting out and I didn’t know if I would like to continue in this direction. And why announce now? Well, the time is more or less ripe, and it has been almost one year since my first shoot. Despite being a freelancer for a year, I had only been to 9 shoots which is considered very few, within 365 days. It was due to the fact that I was still busy studying. I still have far more to learn, and my skills is still improving bit by bit. Practice really makes perfect, so Im hoping to be able to go for more shoots in the future if I were given such opportunities.

What inspired me to be a make up artist?

I’ve gotta say that the main reason was because I love make up! With this addictive obsession over collecting makeup, I had more or less produced a pile of unused makeup, sitting in the corner of my room. I couldn’t bear to sell them away, and what is better than to use them on other people? So, I set my heart to look for a few make up courses in Singapore and even consulted FacesbySarah (am not sure if she knew that was me!) back then! It was in 2010.

Did you go for a course? If so, where and how much?

Not going to lie, I had really supportive family and relatives. The course that I chose, was pretty expensive, given for the time frame. It was not something that I could afford overnight, so my aunt decided to sponsor part of my course. The school that I went to was Make Up For Ever academy. If you would like to know more about the academy or the classes, feel free to email me! I didn’t want to disclose every detail here for privacy reasons.

How I started out?

MUFE academy would usually pick a few top students to help out for their MUFE events. Unfortunately, my skills needed a lot of improvement and polishing, so after graduation, I was basically on my own. To be honest, it was very difficult, so all I can do is to look for talents who were starting out as well and hopefully collaborate with them. 80% of the shoots I had been through were TFCD, meaning unpaid test shoots, where the photographer, model and I basically collaborate and exchange our talents to produce a picture.

Yes, unpaid shoots…but doing makeup on the models and seeing your work in high defination photos really makes me happy! So I couldn’t care less. BUT of course, paid shoots are preferred because makeup supplies cost money, and we haven’t factor in the transportation cost! Despite that, at the end of the day, what is most important is your passion and making yourself happy.

What are my plans now?

Up to date, I have only worked with 3 photographers! So I guess I am still not experienced at all! There are still lots to learn and I am hoping that as long as my passion never die, I would be able to reach my goal one day – to be able to handle the makeup for editorial shoots in magazines! That would be a dream come true of course! Still, baby steps first. I would still need quite a bit of exposure to this industry.

I might be looking into other Makeup industries such as D&D or Bridal, so if you have any friends who don’t mind having me to make them up, I would love to help out! 😀

I still have a long way to go! But nothing is stopping me! If you have an aspiration, share it with me here! 😀

Okay, enough with the wordy post, here are some of my favourite looks from some of my shoots so far.

More to come, I hope!

I would be adding more new works to my new Facebook Page! You can follow me there if you would like to.

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I finally made my new name cards as well! Woots ~

Thanks for reading ~



32 Responses to “Confession: My MUA Story…so far”

  • nice! good luck!

  • Wow! The makeup you did looks amazing! I wish I could do a course at MUFE academy. I just can’t afford the time to do so 🙁 Keep doing and pursuing your dream and interest and you will succeed 🙂

  • you are very talented! great!

  • All the best in this direction you’re taking~ The looks done are amazing — I’m sure you’ll go far ^_^

  • Hope you can open short classes for simple, beginner for makeups 😀 I’ll def join in if you’re opening one!

  • congrats! may greater opportunities come your way!

  • Hi Michelle! This my first time reading your blog. I’ll definitely keep on reading it! Im also a makeup and all the beauty stuff addicts. Really loved to start a career on this beauty industry soon, but still looking ways to do so. and what a coincidence that i also took course at MUFE not long ago. I definitely know the feeling for not chosen to helped out in the event. :’) but really its all about the passion right! This post really motivates me to do more, and never stop chasing my dream in the beauty industry! Jia you! 😀
    sorry for making this comments so lengthy ! hehehe
    wishing you all the besttt!!!

    • Michelle

      Hi! Thanks for taking time penning down your thoughts.
      Unfortunately, I have not been doing much freelancing due to work constraints.
      I hope that you are still continuing your passion, and let us both continue to chase our dreams!

  • lidya

    hi… it was interesting to read your blog..
    i wanna ask about MUFE academy since i’m considering to study there..
    can you explain me detail what you got and your experience while studying there??
    and is it worth the cost??


    • Michelle

      Hi, I took the fashion and bridal module, each is around SGD1k. Each module would be 30 hours long (6 hours per day for 1 week), for full-time. Part-time wise, I am unsure of the schedule, but you have to bring your own model to practice on. Examination would be on the last day and your makeup work will be judged by the trainer to see if you pass or not. If you practise well enough, passing should be a breeze. As each class is fairly small, the trainer would be able to spend more time guiding you along. However, MUFE does not provide any portfolio building for you so you must build your own portfolio. In addition, MUFE does not provide attachments with clients for all students. MUFE may call you up to help them in any of their MUFE engagements with their clients, provided that you are very good in the makeup skills already. If you want to learn other courses such as special effects FX, you may apply for an additional module or two with MUFE. Otherwise, you may try other makeup academies that teache everything from fashion, bridal and FX all in one. For this, you might need to google on these academies 🙂

      Hope this helps!

  • Chris

    Hi Michelle! Thanks for your good review. ^^
    I am going to sign up for module one next month but before that I wanna get advise from u.
    The reason why I want to go for MUFE is that they said students will have the chance to work for their backstage after course. But I guess from ur reply to Lidya, the chance will only given to few students, not all. -_-;;;
    Could you let me know more about this part?


    • Michelle

      Hi Chris,

      Yes, the chance is only given to a few students, probably those who excel in class.
      However, I am sure you can voice out to the trainer your interest in helping out backstage.
      The key is to being vocal in class and get to know your trainer better (:
      Hope this help!

      Kind regards,

  • Aileen

    Hi Michelle

    Possible to email me details on the class? I’m keen in makeup but not able to decide between MUFE or cosmoprof


  • Kristina

    Hello, I was searching in internet review about Make Up Forever academy ..and end up in your blog.
    So interesting what are you sharing with us , thank you.
    Planing to study there next week there still thinking if it worth and how to find the job after I finish it.
    By the way if you need Russian model for any of your project I would be very glad to help you out.
    Thanks ..
    Kristina :))

    • Michelle

      Hi there! Sorry for my late reply!
      Hope you had a great time at the academy! Please let me know on how you feel about the course too as I would love to know.
      Thanks for offering as well, if I have any projects in mind, will definitely contact you.
      Let’s keep in contact.

      • Kristina Nabatnikova

        Hello ,thanks for your relply.
        I swich to Cosmoprof reason because found it better for me.
        Staring on 28of march.
        Yes ,sure if you have anything coming up,let me know we can organize something interesting.

        • Michelle

          I see. Hope you will enjoy your cosmoprof course!

          Sure! Do you happen to have a portfolio? (:
          Perhaps you can email me at iamicefrost (at)

  • Lisa Smith

    Hi there Michelle!

    Firstly, thank you for this article, was extremely helpful and informative ^_^
    I just have a quick question; how did you find photographers and models for a TFCD? Is there a website for Singapore?


    Kindest Regards,

  • Somya

    Hi Michelle
    I am basically from India , and therefore have no knowledge about singapore . I am planning to join mufe academy , I don’t know if I am making the right decision .
    Your advice would really help me in making the right decision .

    • Michelle

      Hi! It depends on how extensive you would want your course to be. MUFE course would be more of a crash course as they would be teaching multiple skills within the span of 1 week.

  • Somya

    Should I go for mufe academy or cosmoprof ?
    And also if mufe , is part time course equally good as the full time one ?
    Looking forward to your reply.

    • Michelle

      Hi! Personally I have not tried cosmoprof before so I would not be able to provide my opinion on the comparison. Part time course covers the same topics as full time, so it really depends on your schedules when taking up the course. Hope this helps.

  • Rayy

    Hey Michelle , Im planning to go for the MUFE classes , for module 1 and it cost $3.5k for full time course , 10 days 7 hours per day.

    do u think it is worth the money? because it is a little too expensive for me,

    • Michelle

      Hi! I have explained to some of my readers before saying that MUFE is more of a crash course rather than an intensive course where you get to practice your skills over the span of a few months. If your main gain is just to obtain a certificate within 1 week, MUFE course would be the one to go to. If you want to spend more time practising, then perhaps you may consider other academies.

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