Collective nail polish haul + NOTD

On September 25, 2010 by Michelle

Just yesterday, I picked up my transdesign nail polishes from Gwen (gwenned). I met up with other many onsugarettes too! Eyes were shooting at us when we all go oohhh and ahhh over our new nail polish stash. I also passed the Nars loots to a few fellow onsugarettes. I behaved well and only ordered 1 Nars item! Anyway, for my transdesign haul, I can proudly say that my haul is decent. In addition, all of these colours were right up my alley. No regrets at all!

What I have ordered (L-R): Color Club Best dressed list, CC covered in diamonds, China Glaze classic camel, CC soft as cashmere, CC uptown girl, Essie sew psyched.

 I realise that it is hard to capture colours accurately since the camera picks up different amount of light at different angle.

For classic camel, when I received it, I realised that it was much more camel than some swatches I saw online. The picture I shot above is quite true to colour. Instead of a pale yellow gold which I thought it was, it is actually more brownish – like camel. It is not a normal nude shade but I shall make this my nude polish as it looks great on my skin tone. 

My first glitter nail polish! What has caught my attention was that this is no ordinary glitter nail polish. As you can see from the photo, the glitter are flakes. You might need to apply generously for the flakes to show on your nails. One coat is probably not enough. The picture below shows 3 coats. 

Best dressed list was probably one of my favourite of the bunch. Kas (cocomotion) mentioned that it looks a bit like OPI baguette me not, which I have swatched on a previous post HERE. Both of them are probably under the same family tree but Baguette me not is definitely more coral and brighter. Best dressed list is more toned down / nude.

Sew Psyched (pardon the spelling mistake on my picture) is the nail polish I was the most excited for! I was hoping it looks similar to Chanel Khaki vert which I must say that they look like brothers. Sophia (themakeupblogette) swatched it yesterday next to her Khaki vert painted nail and the only difference between the two is that Sew Psyched is more greyish than Khaiki vert. Irregardless, I was very satisfied with this Essie purchase! I ordered another Essie again from Prisc (teaplaygound) and guess the shade I bought? Merino cool!   

The only colour that I am quite disappointed in is Soft as cashmere. It is sheer and would require at least 3 layers for the colour to show up. Nevertheless, I love this colour (:

I just realised I didnt manage to take a picture of CC uptown girl but I was hoping it would be similar to OPI Parlez-vous. Well, it is definitly different as uptown girl is more vibrant or less greyish. Guess im still on a hunt of finding the Parlez-vous dupe.


I havent blogged about this but I bought some Eyeko nail polishes from Sophia’s twit-spree! I only kept a few nail polishes that I like and gave the rest away (: I admit that I have not tried them yet as I was so eager to try my transdesign polishes first! I put Orly space cadet here too as it was quite a recent purchase from Prisc. Swatches of Orly space cadet can be found HERE (:

And now my NOTD!

Since I was too anxious to try ALL the new colours, why not wear all of them out at once?

I love the combination! I think my index, middle and ring fingers look the best side by side. If only on my pinkie, the colour is more greyish (such as the OPI parlez-vous), the whole combination would be perfect (: I think some people were staring at my nails during school this morning (YES, school on a sunday morning!), haha!


Thanks for reading ~ 

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