Collective Haul: MAC (Pro Longwear, Blogger’s Obsessions, Seasonally Supreme, Semi-Precious)

On September 16, 2011 by Michelle

Hi all!


I haven’t done a haul post in a while and I shall do a collective or an undeclared haul for my MAC goodies.

As you can see from here, I have one item from each collection that were released recently or not much so recently for the Pro longwear concealer.

Pro longwear concealer was in fact released in USA last year back in 2010 and it was only recently available for sale in Singapore along with the Styledriven collection HERE. So far, I have been using this as my overall concealer, for both spots and undereye. This was my replacement for my Amazing concealer and I might do a comparison one day.

One thing I dislike about this concealer is that the pump always dispense too much product. One trick I find is to keep this glass bottle sideways and it makes controlling of the pump easier. I’m not sure why but it is probably due to the pressure of the air in the bottle when it is placed lying flat.

For those who are interested to know, I am using NC15 even though I am shade NC15. I find concealing harder on me when I am using a concealer that is a shade lighter than I am. I would just look a little too ghastly. Surprisingly, this concealer is NC15 is not fair at all, probably due to the orange undertone in the concealer, which is great for undereye concealing.

From the Seasonally Supreme collection, I have here Fashion City lipstick. Having too many pinks and nudes, I decided to go for coral. This is probably a deeper colour than my Ever Hip lipstick (my only coral lipstick). Corals are totally up my alley so I am in love with this. It’s texture reminds me of the discontinued slimshines. It is moisturizing and very comfortable on the lips.

I really love the formula and am so glad to have finally found a favourite lipstick line from MAC. The rest of the MAC lipsticks are too drying for my lips.

Next up, I have Parisian skies eyeshadow from the Blogger’s obsessions collection. The star product of the collection is actually the green eyeshadow – Jealousy Wakes. It was sold out on within hours! Pure insanity! I was given an opportunity to keep one Jealousy Wake eyeshadow but I declined because I believe it is just over-hyped. Since I already have many greens in my collection, Jealousy Wake is just another green eyeshadow, I’m sure I can live without it! Back to Parisian skies, I welcome this more than Jealousy wakes as I do not have any muted blues in my collection. Most of my blues are pretty bright and vivid.

Formula is definitely not as soft and buttery as Inglot’s or Wet ‘n’ Wild but I am glad with the shade that I obtain from this eyeshadow.

Last but not least, another eyeshadow to add on to my collection would be Golden Glaze mineralize eyeshadow. I was hesitant about getting another mineralize eyeshadow as I am not that favourable of them but I was intrigued by this eyeshadow from the Semi Precious collection. This really does look like a precious stone and the gold looks so earthy and intense in the pot.

It’s an eye-candy, isn’t it? I am obsessed with the marbling effect.

However, when I swatched it…

The marbling effect is gone. Pity. I hope there are more layers of black underneath.

The swatch came out surprisingly pigmented, probably due to the moisture on my fingers. A dry brush would not have picked up so much pigmentation from this mineralize eyeshadow. They are best used wet for that pop of colour. In this swatch, the gold looks dirty.

But at a different angle, it looks brighter:

I was considering Smoked Ruby but Golden Glaze looks more appealing to me.

That’s all folks! More haul entries and reviews coming your way!




Thanks for reading ~

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