Haul + Swatches + Comparisons: My first Ciate and Nubar polishes

On March 24, 2012 by Michelle

Hello all!


It is Saturday and I hope you had an awesome weekend planned out for this week! I am just stuck at home and burying my head in my books. Of course, I have the occasional itchy fingers to touch my beauty stash or my camera and started blogger! Hence, this is the result…

This is my first Ciate and Nubar polishes haul that I purchased from www.beautybay.com when they have free worldwide shipping!

If you have been reading my blog, you know I love greens, blues and teals. Thus, my haul is of shades that I love.

What suckered me into buying Ciate polishes is because of that darn bow! Just how cute the bottle looks!

The shade that I bought is Superficial 044. Yes, I’m superficial to like Ciate just because of the bow.

My friend told me she thought the bottle is huge when the polish is laid back. That is because of the flat curved shape of the bottle.

I also purchased this hot pink with blue shimmers (how gorgeous!) polish as a birthday present to my friend. If you like hot pink with a little twist, you certainly can get Ciate Cupcake Queen.

Comparisons of Ciate Superficial:

Left: Essie Middle: Ciate Superficial Right: Illamasqua Muse

I actually find my Ciate Superficial polish a little dried up. The application was not that smooth.

Confession, I have been on a duochrome kick for quite a while now and almost had an urge to purchase all the Nubar duochrome polishes. Thankfully, I resisted my temptation and only bought one.

Nubar Indigo Illusion


With Flash

Without Flash Indoors

At a different angle

Under bright light

This polish shifts to three colours in my opinion, from indigo to blue to green. Application for this is smooth and easy and I only need two coats. I have more duo chormes swatches coming ahead because I spend a bomb on duo chrome pigments! Le sigh.



Thanks for reading ~

2 Responses to “Haul + Swatches + Comparisons: My first Ciate and Nubar polishes”

  • Evonne

    Have you seen/used Ozotic’s multichromes before??? They are absolutely gorgeous! Can’t wait to see your creations dear.

    • Michelle

      No i have not! Am not sure where to get them. Ebay?
      Will come up with the swatches of my duochromes soon! It’s hard to capture the shift of the duochromes :/

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