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On June 30, 2018 by Michelle

I graduated on 23 December and it has almost been 6 months! I have benefited a lot from communities like Dayrebride as well as the Budge Bride FB group and it is time for me to review some of the vendors whom I have chanced upon myself or have found through the communities.

PWS and AD photos videography – Edmund Leong Motion & Stills :

Working with Edmund and his team was hassle free, and it was the best choice that we have made signing up with him at the BOWS wedding fair back in 2017. We took up their PWS photography as well as AD photography and videography. I love the clean aesthetics that Edmund has for his style of shooting.

We signed up for the pre-wedding shoot in Melbourne as well and there really wasn’t much planning required of us ahead of the shoot, except for sourcing for our props and attires. We were pleasantly surprised that Eddie (Edmund’s videographer) was also around to help us capture some video shots in Melbourne itself too for our same day edit morning montage.

Location planning, the accommodation for Edmund’s team, hair and makeup, and even transport is all being planned by Edmund and his team. We appreciate his dedication and passion for his work. Everything is hassle free!

During Actual day photography and videography, Edmund and his team worked their magic without having us to worry about any coordination at all. We took a package from him that includes a free roving photobooth as well, so it was an all in one stop service from him! Having worked with him before for the PWS makes it much easier for him to coordinate with us for the AD shoot. We also loved how our same day edit video turns out, shot by Eddie, even though ours was a banquet lunch.

Great experience with Edmund and his team and I totally recommend to everyone including my friends who are tying the knot soon. If any of you are keen in viewing my SDE down by Eddie, please let me know and I can share with you privately!

Gown rental + AD MUA – Malena Brida Studio:

I signed up with Malena Bridal during the BOWs exhibition as well. Even though it is quite a small boutique, their gowns are exquisite and unique. They have a beautiful range of mermaid dresses but unfortunately, I am of a bigger built (UK10) so some of the dresses do not fit me. I think the gowns works great for petite brides.

We did sign up for a customizable gown package but end up choosing something from the racks for my AD gown. I was encouraged to choose something from the racks as customizing takes a longer period of time. So I guess, some of the BTB may be enticed into purchasing their package when offered a customizable gown but in fact, I think most will end up choosing a gown from the ready-made selection.

I still love the lave gown that I had picked from their range or ready-made gowns.

One thing to note is that I find their range of flower bouquets that are included in the package to be quite small. I guess they go for the Korean trend where the bouquets are smaller. I ended up trading the bouquet to other services such as renting of my father-in-law’s jacket.

A big thank you for Joyce for helping out with my makeup and the dresses on the actual day. The make up look that she specializes in follows the soft Korean make up trends.

Joyce working her magic during the wee hours in the morning. I topped up for her to come earlier as our schedule was tight as mine was a wedding lunch.

My hairdo that lasted the entire day.

At the end of the day, I love the gowns that I chose and till this date, I still have a few friends who remembered how my gowns looked on the day and that says a lot about how unique the gowns were! Also, a big thanks to Sally for letting me try gown after gown on 2 separate days for me to choose the right gown for me!

My evening gown from the back

Throughout the entire experience, we did not face any hiccups at all, despite hearing a lot of stories of engaging bridal studios, and also us having to sign the package at BOWs on whim! Great experience with the team from Malena Bridal 🙂

Wedding lunch banquet: Westin Hotel

Our coordinator was Agnes Chong, and I have nothing but praises for her and the banquet team from Westin. Everything was smooth and well-coordinated. We can see why this location was voted as Her Brides award winning venue in 2016.

The hotel and ballroom were new too which was a big factor in us choosing Westin. We liked that there was only one ballroom in the hotel which makes our wedding more exclusive. During the day, the only other event was another solemnization that was happening in one of the meeting rooms nearby. The only downside we felt was the location, which resulted in some guests not being able to find our hotel lobby.

Our guests love the food, except for a few who commented that the individual portions may be too little. Even my boss who is a picky eater finished the entire 7-course meal. The ballroom is spacious if you have 15-20 tables. The best part is the holding area which is huge!

We also love the flexibility to personalize the themes with their appointed printing vendor – Dreamweavers. We chose scented candles as the wedding favour which is quite unique.

These are the complimentary wishing tags given by the hotel for the wishing tree. All in all, choosing Westin as the hotel was the best choice we have made. In fact, I think we made a lot of right choices for the wedding.

Justice of Peace – Mr. Edward Foong

Mr. Edward Foong was very fatherly and during our first meet up, he actually “tested” us on why we want to get married and also gave us guidance on our relationship. He believes in only marrying couples who deserve one another. He may not be the JP that is humorous or break the silence with jokes during the ceremony. Having said that, he is really helpful and you can really see his sincerity. He all smiles throughout the ceremony.

3D flower backdrop – Kraftyng:

Yng provides the most affordable paper florals in the market as compared to other vendors that I know of. I gave (more like bombarded) her a lot of ideas for my backdrop and she was patient enough to advise what goes best. A plus point is that she does mockups (above photo) of the backdrop before my event. If you are looking for a backdrop for your solemnization or photobooth, I would definitely recommend her!

Can you believe I requested for 4 colours, snowflakes, and even cut outs of our hashtag #merrifoowedding and Yng didn’t even charge me any extra!  You don’t even need to splurge on those wooden lasercuts, which is very popular among brides.

Floral bouquet: Lavender Love Florist

Went for a cotton flower bouquet from Lavender love florist and it was within my budget of $138. Word of advice, do look upon photos from Pinterest to give you florist an idea of what you want to include in your bouquet and I even spoke to other florists initially who can even do a mock-up of the bouquet for you as well. However, due to the rush of time (I picked Lavender Love Florist during the week of my wedding), I was not able to receive any photos of my mock bouquet and had to place my trust them hoping that the bouquet turns out to be what I expected.

Other affordable florists that I recommend:

  • Gwen Laurel Florist
  • Alexis Royal Blooms
  • Windflower Florist
  • Fang from Fangtastic Florist

Car rental: Blissful Car Rental

I had a crazy crush on vintage cars so we went for this vintage VW beetle. It was of a muted green but shows up white in the photos. The car was rented for 5 hours from Blissful car rental. No hiccups at all that day even though the driver wasn’t very responsive on the phone (maybe cause he was driving) but he was very punctual!

Bridal Nails: Nail Gallery by Sharon

My AD nails which are also Christmas inspired which fits into my Christmas theme. I did this whole gel set for $65, which includes all the small studs and pearls added to the gellish nails. Sharon is always my go do nail artist whenever I need to go for intricate details for my nail art. You can also find her on Vanitee, and her salon is located at Bukit Gombak.

PWS and Relatives Make Up Arist: Fei MUA

Fei MUA for PWS and relatives make up. I love all her hairdos. I had also engaged her to do my sister-in-law’s and relative’s make up, and her rates are affordable too!

Vow Engraved Wooden Plank: Common Hands

Vow book from Common Hands who is known for laserprint on wood. I totally recommend getting their Ang Bao box too.

Dessert Table: Sarah’s Loft

She is very popular with mums for holding 100th day or full month birthdays for children. Occasionally, she does dessert tables for weddings too.

Orange passion fruit cupcakes

Lavender macarons

Guinness chocolate cake & vanilla frosting

My entire dessert table was snatched up within minutes. Should have catered for more. I love all the dessert tables done by Sarah’s Loft. You should totally follow her on Instagram.


I sincerely hope this is useful for all the Brides to be! Thanks for reading ~

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