Chinatown shopping.

On May 14, 2010 by Michelle

Okay, I have so many things that I wanted to post but time doesn’t seem to be enough right? First up, today I went to Raffles place area to pick up the keys of the shop that I will be working at next week 🙂 Since the area is near Chinatown, I boarded a bus to Chinatown for some shopping. I confessed that I’m a shopaholic. Even if it’s just window shopping, it would cheer me up. Shopping and spending = happy but sad. How ironic huh?
Despite me complaining on how much I have already spent during the past few weeks (haul to be up soon!), I still ended up buying something today. Shame on myself! Note to self, I must do my project 5 pan soon.

Enough with my ramblings, here are some loots I brought home:

This time I stocked up all my daily necessities at Swatsons. I have mentioned before in my previous Chinatown visit on how most of the items there are priced much cheaper than Watsons. I love cheap deals!

My next stop was at Ivy’s Cosmetics. I finally managed to find the store! 🙂 I first heard about the store on Chantana’s blog. Unfortunately, I went overboard there and spent well over $50. Well done Michelle, well done. BUT I do need some moisturizer since I have run out of my Juice beauty nutrient moisturizer sample.


My damage of the day:
1) Biotherm biosource hydra-mineral cleanser toning mousse $3.90 (Wanted to try this since I keep seeing Chantana buying that! Yes I am that easily influenced.)
2) Clinique moisture surge 2 for $9.90
3) Clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel 2 for $11.90 (Have been yearning to try this for ages!)
4) Clinique turnaround concentrate 3 for $19.90 (I hope this fade away my scars since I had a recent breakout from stress, I need a miracle product.)
5) Purple kabuki $9.90 (It’s insanely soft!)
The clinique makeup bag is free! 🙂

For $50, I could have spent it on a full-sized product. Sigh, I better use these samples that I have gotten! Or else, I shall punish myself. Hopefully among these products, I would be able to find one or two that are deserved to be re-purchased again. A new skincare regime is what I need as my skin is still horrible.

That’s my shopping for today! Tomorrow, I will be going to Orchard to meet Gwen for my transdesign haul 😀 God knows if I will be hauling again. *shakes my head*

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