19. 11. 2017
Acrylic painted calligraphy wooden table signage

DIY Calligraphy wooden board tutorial for Pinterest worthy wedding

Hi everyone! Here is a step by step tutorial on how to do your own calligraphy wooden planks for your album tables or reception table for your wedding.  What you need:  1) Wooden...

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28. 09. 2017
Wax seal on wedding card

DIY: Wax Seals on Wedding Invitation Cards and Where to Get Them

Hi all!   Wax seals add a personal touch to your letters as different stamps turns out differently. Some wax seals are even customizable with your name, and initials. My wedding card is...

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05. 05. 2015

Tutorial: Switching out your MAC compact powders

Hi all! It’s already May and before you know it, we are halfway through 2015! This year has some high and lows for me but of course, makeup keeps me happy throughout my...

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14. 02. 2014

Haul: Mac (Brushes, Powder, Primer and more!) + MAC Pump for Estee Lauder Double Wear

Hey y’all!   Seems like I haven’t blog for almost a month! Work is definitely eating up most of my time! Since I have a few backlogs to clear, I shall first start...

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08. 07. 2013

Introducing: Customizable VanityTrove

Hi all,   Introducing ALL NEW Customizable VanityTrove! How it works? VanityTrove recommends the products BEST SUITED for you based on your Beauty Profile and Preferences. You are then able to PICK AND...

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22. 04. 2012
comgateway how to tutorial

How to: Use Comgateway Conceirge Services

Hello all!   This has been highly requested, so I have finally put up this tutorial for you!! Welcome to the world of shopping heaven and a warning to your wallet, beware! Disclaimer:...

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06. 04. 2012
Nail Polish Ring

How to: Make Nail Polish Rings

Hello!   As promised, here is the step by step tutorial on how to make your own nail polish rings! Materials needed: your polishes for layering base coat top coat clear cabochons or flat...

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28. 01. 2012
How to: Depot your lipsticks into a palette

How to: Depot your lipsticks into a palette

Hello,     Way before the spring cleaning for the Chinese New Year, I was looking out for empty palettes to depot my lipsticks into as carrying a palette is much easier than...

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19. 01. 2012
How to: change your eye shape using an eyeliner (ft Physicians Formula Gel Liner)

How to: change your eye shape using an eyeliner (ft Physicians Formula Gel Liner)

Hello all!   Recently, Sam from Pixiwoo did two separate tutorials on how to make ones eyes look rounder or sultrier-looking with the aid of eyeliners. I decided to try out on my own...

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