Burberry Beauty prices in Singapore + Review: Burberry Lip Glow lipgloss

On January 5, 2011 by Michelle


Before I start the review, most of you must have known from my previous few posts that Burberry is bringing their line to Singapore this month. You might have read about that in other blogs too. I read an article from Her World website regarding Burberry coming to our shores very soon.

For your information, here are the prices for the Burberry products:

  • Luminous Fluid Foundation $77
  • Luminous Compact Foundation $80
  • Warm Glow (bronzer) $68
  • Light Glow (blush) $61
  • Sheer Eyeshadow $46
  • Eye Definier Eye Shaping Pencil $33
  • Effortless Mascara Volumising Lash Enhancer $48
  • Lip Cover (lipstick) $43
  • Lip Glow (lipgloss) $39
  • Lip Definier $33
  • Beauty Brush $97


As expected, the prices hover around the retail prices of other higher-end brands such as Chanel, Estee Lauder and more.

CLICK HERE for the link and for more details.


I purchased this lipgloss from Hong Kong at Facess for HKD220 (~ SGD37). The shade that I have is Nutmeg No. 10. There is another lighter nude shade which I did not purchase as it was too nude for me or else I would look like a corpse. This shade that I have is a more wearable nude.

CLICK HERE for a lip swatch of my Burberry lipgloss.

The good

  • Moisturizing
  • Not sticky
  • Very wearble shade of nude suitable for most skintones
  • Medium coverage


The bad

As of now, I can’t think of any cons for this product. I cannot pick up much of a rose scent for this lipgloss unlike the compact foundation which I reviewed HERE.

Perhaps Burberry should have more lipgloss with shimmers but I am not complaining because I love creme lipglosses.

Above, for comparison, I placed the Burberry gloss side by side with a regular sized Mac lipglass. From the photo, you can see that Burberry is more generous of the product. Burberry carries 6ml of lipgloss whereas Mac carries only 4.8ml. If you are willing to pay around $0.50/g more, why not try a Burberry lipgloss instead of Mac? I find more comfort in wearing Burberry lipgloss than Mac lipglass, especially when my lips are always dry and chapped.

I hope this review is useful for you. My next Burberry product review, and certainly not the last (I hope!), would be my Luminous Fluid Foundation. Keep a lookout for it!


Thanks for reading ~

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