Brushes (Sigma + Makeupshow) haul

On October 8, 2010 by Michelle

Hi ppl!

I bought these brushes recently from Sigma and Makeupshow. I first heard about Makeupshow from Sarah (Facesbysarah) and she praised about the quality of the brushes despite them being from a China brand. I couldn’t agree with her more. I love the brushes! As for the Sigma brushes, everyone must have heard about them before, their advertisements are spotted everywhere from youtube to google ads. They have recently come up with new designs and I am eyeing them! I might get some from my next Sigma brush spree 🙂

So here is what I have:

From Sigma, I have the F25 and E45 brushes. They are both tapered brushes which I love. Yes, it is the shape that I am in love in, not really the function, because I find the shape special, haha. From Makeupshow, I have the flat korean synthetic foundation brush, and another slightly tapered blush brush. See, I am obsessed about tapered brushes!

In here, I am featuring Sigma E45 (similar to mac 226) and MAC 217. They are both blending brushes and from here you can see that 226 has a smaller head than 217. I love how 226 fits nicely into my eye socket as 217 might be a tad too big for my eye. 226 is able to provide me a more precise application too. There is no shedding so far for 226.

The brush on the left is Sigma F80, another flat synthetic brush for foundation. They are not quite similar but both are synthetic. The feeling I get from both are quite different. They are soft but in a different way. I guess it is because the Makeupshow brush is taller and hence less bendable, not exactly stiffer per se. From what I heard, this Makeupshow foundation brush is a best selling and great for liquid foundations. I have yet used these 2 brushes for my foundation because I am using the best tool of all time – fingers! Quicky and easy.

I love the wood handle of the Makeupshow brushes 🙂

These are my favourite brushes at the moment. Aren’t the shape so cute?! Sigma F25 is more pointed than the Makeupshow brush. I can use both for contour and highlight with more precision. Other than that, they are just your regular blush brushes. You don’t really need them, but ar well, I love buying anything unique.

Cousins! I am not sure what the Sigma brush is made of but I know that the Makeupshow brush is made of squirrel hair. Real soft ~

To maintain their shape, I keep them in the brush guards which I reviewed HERE. So far, none of the brushes here shed for me. Oh yes, some of you would be interested in the prices:

  • Sigma F25 – US$18.99
  • Sigma E45 – US$9.00
  • Makeupshow foundation brush – S$29.90
  • Makeupshow blush brush – S$29.90


Thanks for reading ~

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