Best Gift: Cocoa B. Personalized Chocolate Bars

On January 18, 2013 by Michelle

Hi all!


With the Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day around the corner, buying gifts for your loved ones is in full swing. Why not make your gifts special and edible at the same time by personalizing it?

Cocoa B. is a new online chocolate boutique in Singapore which allows you to customize it – how awesome is that?

At Cocoa B, they ensure that your chocolates are carefully hand-crafted and delivered to you safe and sound.

At Cocoa B, it’s not about them, but you. Because customising is a personal thing, and what matters to you, matters to us. Mix and match from the selection of chocolate flavours and toppings they have for you, with your countless creativity and bring the chocolates to life. Have it your way, some brands say, and this is exactly what they want you to do.

They have unique ingredients for you to choose, ranging from sweets, gummies, nuts to even exotic ingredients such as ikan bilis and chicken floss! So this is what I have chose – bacon bits, pumkin seeds, wolfberries, oreo pieces and pretzels. Sounds funky, yes?

For Valentine’s Day, they have some “limited edition” edition just for this special day! Visit HERE to view the unique ingredients such as red hot chili flakes and rosemary leaves.

Now, are you eager to see how my chocolate bar looks like?


Doesn’t it look pretty?!

This is how the back of the bar looks like. You can actually choose 3 flavours:

  1. White Chocolate
  2. Milk Chocolate
  3. Dark Chocolate
I chose dark chocolate just because it is the healthier choice plus I love all three chocolates types.

I specially love the preztels on the chocolate bar because it fills up the entire chocolate bar. Plus this looks a lot like heart shapes – perfect for Valentine’s!

You can see the preztels and oreo bits surrounded by pumpkin seeds, wolfberries and bacon bits.

Preztels – add crunchiness to the choclate

Oreo bits – add sweetness to the dark chocolate

Wolfberries – add the chewiness to the chocolate

Bacon bits – add saltiness to the chocolate

Pumpkin seeds – add nuttiness to the chocolate

You should definitely try all these flavours together. This would definitely invigorate your taste buds. Of course, you can tweak the ingredients and create your own bar!

I couldn’t help myself and took a mouthful right after taking pictures of this chocolate bar!

Link to Cocoa B is HERE.



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