2013: Halloween Makeup (Chinese Demon)

On December 31, 2013 by Michelle

Hey all!


Before 2013 ends, I would like to clear some of my backlogs! Well just 2 months before on 31 December 2013, over the Halloween weekend, I decided to join the spirit of scaring with my fellow ghosts – Kimberley and Patricia.


Kimberley even made a tombstone right outside house! So what did I dress up as? Here’s one sneak peek:

I wanted to find a doll and take a picture but unfortunately, I forgot to bring my rugged doll to Kimberley’s house. Still this photo give you creeps aye?

These cracked and bloody nails are easily achieved with fake nails and red nail polishes. And this is me below!

What should I call myself? Ghost? Demon? Chinese doll?

I had a great time experimenting with my halloween makeup. Everything was impromptu.

Here’s me with my sexy vampire friend – Patricia. Ghastly looking, aren’t we?

Spot Sadako in the background. Sorry if you got spooked, Halloween is about giving others the a skip in their heartbeat.

These are the makeup products I have used to achieve the spooky look:

Chacott stick foundation in white.

This is the perfect product in giving me the chalky effect. Bought this stick foundation from Beauty Direct which carries Chacott, Star Lash and more!

I also finally pulled out this Nortorious contour powder from Chanel to contour my face to give myself the sunken look. Unfortunately, my bloated face is still quite obvious. Hahaha.

When using stick foundation, you have to set your face with loose powder else your foundation will slide.

For my wounds, I actually rely on my lip pencils from NYX.

These eyeshadows are handy in giving discolorations to my face.

Finally, this is the palette that does most of the work. I depotted all my lipsticks into this palette as shown in my blog post HERE.

Halloween 2013 was fun and I certainly would go for Halloween again in 2014, maybe in a bigger scale!



Thanks for reading ~


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